Some Purdue AgComm Students Visit Texas

At the end of February, 14 students from the AgComm program attended the ACT Professional Development Conference at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX.  The four days of traveling and enjoying Texas  embodied why the Purdue AgComm program stands out among other fields of study at Purdue.

From my perspective, the trademarks of Purdue’s AgComm program are relationships, the priority of the individual student, and a passion for using communication to help the public relate to the field of agriculture.

During our time away, we found ourselves exposed to pockets of American agriculture we didn’t know much about.  From touring denim mills and wineries to walking through windmill and ag history museums, we enjoyed learning about the nuts and bolts of American agriculture.


Touring a denim mill in Lubbock

Thanks to the hard work of Texas ACT, we had some fun opportunities to meet professionals in our field and gain exposure to their work.  I especially enjoyed hearing Wyman Meinzer, an official photographer for the state of Texas, explaining his project of photographing a historic ranch in Texas.  Discussing the details of  the project, Meinzer’s passion for his work showed me the power and satisfaction that comes from doing work that you love.  I’d encourage you to check out the video of his work here.


At the American Museum of Agriculture

Finally, the trip to Texas offered us a chance to build relationships with each other.  In addition to formal schooling, I believe that an important aspect of college is learning how to invest in other people’s lives in a meaningful way.  Texas gave us the time and space necessary to do just that.  Enjoying some great food and drink establishments in Lubbock, touring the sites, playing Euchre, sitting and talking together on bus and airplane rides… the elements of the trip that gave us a chance to get to know each other better.


Suffice it to say, the trip to Texas was a wonderful experience that will go down in my college memory book as a great time of living the life of a Purdue AgComm student.


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