Senior thoughts on Ag Comm

Okay, now that you’ve recovered from the sheer shock of seeing a new post on this blog, I’d like to introduce you to a series we’re doing this semester.  Yes, a series.  You’ve seen that word before on our blog. And this time, the posts have already been written and are prepared for publication.

Last fall, the seniors from our major completed their capstone course.  Over the semester, they extensively researched the communication skills of students in Purdue’s College of Agriculture and gave a presentation for faculty and staff about their findings.

In addition to their research, each student completed a piece for the department blog about communication, Purdue, agriculture, and/or the intersection of the three.

It’s my pleasure to introduce this wonderful of series of posts written by my fellow ag comm classmates.  Over the next several weeks, you’ll read about everything from how the media covers the bee keeping industry to the advantages of cooking for yourself.  You’ll gain insight into the students who comprise the ag comm program and learn a bit about agriculture and communication too!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the thoughts of these burgeoning young men and women who are about to bid adieu to Purdue and embark on a lifetime of communicating excellently about agriculture.



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