Almost half-way through the semester!

Wow!  It’s been pretty quiet around here on the blog.  As you may know, the academic year at Purdue launched on August 22.  Classes, meetings, research, writing proposals, and reading… these are the things which are filling the days of us folks in the Ag Comm office.

Suffice it to say, when I stopped and counted up how many weeks we are into the semester, I was amazed to discover today marks the end of week six.

About a month ago, Lisa mentioned a series we were planning titled “Life on a Plate.”  Rest assured, that little series has not been forgotten.  I’ve put some thought into what my plate should look like and I thought I could give you a preview today.

  • My beverage is a drink I’ve enjoyed on four different continents and in eight or so different countries.
  • My vegetable is something my mom makes every year around this time… it’s purple and I like it cooked with apple cider vinegar and brown sugar.
  • My protein is definitely meat!  I prepare this dish in my slow cooker with lots of herbs and garlic.
  • My fruit… well, they come in all different colors and textures.  I love them because they affirm the value eating in season and enjoying the sweetness of nature.
  • My grain is something I bake regularly.  I’ve tried all different types too… light, dark, 1/2 & 1/2.

Looking forward to continuing this little series with you!

–Abigail Maurer, Ag Comm Junior and Research Assistant


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