An insider look inside the labyrith

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged here, but I just wanted to catch you up on what’s new in the labyrinth, a.k.a. the ag comm office.

1. Road Trips:  Dr. Tucker, Abby, two grad students- Roy and Fally- and I headed to Wooster (pronouced Wu-ster), Ohio for a meeting with the Ohio State contingency of this research projects.  Highlights of the eventful trip included the realization that we are starting a 4,000 consumer survey, looking in every small town in eastern Indiana for an ice cream shop, and a scantily clad man walking down the hotel hallway.  And, of greater importance to the project: Abby and I presented our team’s research!  Though it looked for a bit like we’d have to change our entire game plan, we are back on track!

2.  Team Meetings: Every few weeks we get together to discuss new things and directions for our projects.  We are making progress! I get insanely excited about the potential of a sticker that reminds people to wash their vegetables.  We always have food at these meetings, which leads me to my next point.

Life on Plate/Life on a Plate: Purdue Ag Comm's response to

3. Upcoming blog series: At our next meeting, we will be featuring “Life on a Plate,” (Loap according to Abigail, LoP in Dr. T’s mind).  5 items, including a beverage that describe our lives.  Dr. Tucker says he has his menu almost planned.  The first installment will likely come the last week of August; check back!

4.  Classes start next week: Wow, none of us are sure how that happened!  By the way, after taking a somewhat roundabout approach to my college education, I’ll be in both the Freshman class (152) and the Senior one (480), so I’m sure I’ll meet some of you there!

~Lisa Schluttenhofer, Summer Research Assistant


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