Another Year, Another Chapter!

In my opinion, each academic year is considered a chapter in our program. It’s easy to apply this notion to the seniors who officially exited Purdue University as a graduate two days ago. They are now moving on with a drastically different lifestyle than they’ve known for the last four (maybe five) years. No longer will they come to our office with questions of course scheduling and internship opportunities. Rather, they are entering careers or graduate school with personal aspirations that no longer revolve around life on this campus. Therefore, I wish the very best to Ariel, Arlene, Audrie, Bethany, Chelsea, Christy, David, Elise, and Shelby!! Your futures are bright and the legacy you leave in AgComm is irreplaceable.

With that said, one class now leaves, but there are still three others that have just closed their respective chapters for the year. Is that a legitimate statement to make since they will be returning in the fall? I offer up an emphatic “Yes!” The reason is because as I watch each of these students move through the AgComm program, checking off requirements and taking advantage of internships and study abroad opportunities, I recognize a marked growth and change with all of them at the end of the academic year. They are building the framework for their future, each with his/her unique style and taste.

I love witnessing moments of intense enthusiasm when a student recognizes his/her true potential, or lands a premiere internship position. Yes! Now, that is what it’s all about. Each chapter leads to a sturdier framework that offers a deeper passion for their preferred niche in agriculture, as well as a greater level of professionalism to future employers.

A chapter marks the start of another great journey… and I truly look forward to seeing how our 40+ stories continue to unfold.

~ Abigail Borron, Academic Advisor


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